This is how to get the trendiest 60s hairstyle

This is how to get the trendiest 60s hairstyle

If you are on Instagram (who isn´t?), you have probably seen your favorite stars with amazing 60s-inspired hairdos. Well, here’s the key to nailing it!

So, Ariana Grande, Bella Hadid, Kim KW, and Rihanna are among the celebs who are rocking the full 60s look. And we are loving it! Ariana’s hairstylist, Josh Liu, has shared with Byrdie some tips on how to get the perfect look, inspired by her video Positions, that has just debuted.

This is how to get the perfect sixties look.

Build texture

Start off by prepping your hair with a good blow-dry and volume spray at the roots. If your hair is too clean, use a texture spray or dry shampoo and hairspray to add some grit to create that fluffiness.

Densely pack

Use a fine-tooth comb to densely pack a tease. Use a lock hairspray to keep it locked in place or clamp down with a little bevel directly on the tease. Once you have this done, brush out the surface layer and start the curling process.


Kim also rocked the sixties hairdo!

Spray each section using a strong hold hairspray and brush through. Then, curl from the ends upwards horizontally, and stop rolling once you reach the ear line. Follow with an extreme hairspray, pinning each curl and spraying to keep it in place.

Avoid stiffness

You might feel that this amount of hairspray will leave your hair really stiff, but Liu says that once you brush out the hair from the bottom and work your way upwards, you will notice it is really soft and fluffy.

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