The revolution of the makeup industry of the LGBTQ+  community

The revolution of the makeup industry of the LGBTQ+ community

An industry that is no longer starring only  cis and straight women and is run by white men in suits: the makeup world revolution is led by a diverse youth

The queer community has a prominent space in makeup influencers spaces and, thanks to the internet, in the past decade they have been claiming it little by little. First, it was a space where they could show off their skills, with YouTube tutorials, with which they gained a loyal and passionate audience both from the queer collective and cis heterosexual women fascinated with their skill. (Source, Vogue Spain)

Merino Angel, known as @mac_daddy.

That loyalty was transformed into measurable followers, and thus income. Videos of collaborations with other makeup artists also helped to strengthen that position. Very soon, those kids who had never made up to go outside were not only becoming the visible faces of top of the line makeup brands, but they began to dominate the market with their own product lines - most lucrative -, who took a run against traditional brands.

Manny Gutierrez, alias Manny MUA

In Cosmetify's 2020 list of the world's richest and most influential people in beauty and makeup, half of the most economically successful names on social media in the makeup world were members of the LGBTQ + community.

Nikita Dragun:

Belgian Nikita Dragun, a great friend of James Charles who now lives in Los Angeles, is another star in the makeup world who has fared economically. In 2015 she became visible as a trans woman. On her channel, with more than 3 million subscriptions, she sincerely relates her experience as a trans immigrant in the United States and addresses the specific problems that trans women have in the field of beauty and makeup, and how she solves it. The reception of the public has led to the launch of a cosmetic line, Dragun Beauty.

Antonio Garza:

Texas-born Antonio Garza, a trans influencer from the makeup world, earns tens of thousands of dollars for product placement on her Instagram and YouTube accounts; between them, she has more than 5 million followers. Another very successful trans woman in this industry is Nikkie de Jager or @nikkietutorials. The Dutch diva has been publishing videos since 2008, but it was in 2015 when she really succeeded thanks to a video titled "The Power of Makeup". To date, her videos have billions of views and she has launched palettes and eyeshadows with Too Faced. At the beginning of the year, she let the world know that she was trans.

Antonio Garza

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