The natural botox. Why you need to have gua sha in your beauty kit

Can Gua sha change the way your face looks? Here's what this tool can do for you

Gua sha is a facial tool that celebrities love for its 'botox' effect and today we tell you its benefits, how to use it, and the top massages to rejuvenating the skin. Read on to find out more. 

Gua sha, is a facial tool that has come to gain ground in the world of skincare and that is loved by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Emilia Clarke or Gwyneth Paltrow, do you already know it? It has its origins over a thousand years ago and is very effective for toning and firming massages for the skin!

Surely, in recent months you have heard a lot about it and, even, you have seen it countless times wondering what it is! 

Find out why gua sha is the elixir of youth and how to use it for a complexion 10 years younger!

What is facial gua sha?

Gua sha is a flat stone - generally made of jade, rose quartz, or obsidian - that has rounded edges. Its shape can be heart, fish, or more, but the characteristics are that it adapts to the shape of the face.

Its use dates back 2000 years when it was used in Chinese medicinal culture, but later oriental women added it to their facial beauty routine to take advantage of everything it could do for their skin.

How to use the gua sha? The best massages to tone and firm the skin

Benefits of gua sha on the skin

Gua sha is used to massage the face after applying facial oils, serums, or creams, so the movement allows the products to penetrate faster and offer better results.

However, the star of this tool is that it offers results similar to botox since the massage promotes the circulation of the face, stimulates the production of collagen, drains the lymphatic system, firms, and tones the skin, improves the appearance of wrinkles, eliminates the signs of fatigue and fights to age.

Use a Gua Sha for awesome results

How does gua sha work?

Gua Sha helps our skin to be more efficient by clearing toxic stagnant lymph and removing blockages and adhesions from the shoulders, neck, and face. facial massage has been proven to tone skin, relax facial muscles, and delay signs of aging. It also helps with acne prevention, as gua sha moves the lymph. 

How often should you use gua sha?

A minimum of two to five times a week. It could take you five minutes on each side by simplifying and doing the most basic routine, but try to squeeze in a proper full-face and neck massage at least once a week. 

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