Summer is almost here and these are the makeup trends you don't want to miss! Summer is almost here and these are the makeup trends you don't want to miss!

Summer is almost here and these are the makeup trends you don't want to miss!

If you thought graphic liner was all 2022 had to offer, think again!

Here are the trends you can't miss this summer:

1. Soft Skin

“We've really started to soften up skin when it comes to foundation,” notes celeb makeup artist Ash Kholm (who counts Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian and Madelyn Cline as clients). “I think that's an element that will continue to flourish,” she says. This summer will put focus on “lightweight glowing skin products that are breathable. Especially since face masks won't be going anywhere.”

To achieve this, she recommends cream or liquid formulas like cream blush and liquid highlighters blended into a super lightweight base. You can even skip foundation and stick with concealer just where you need it, or mix your regular foundation with moisturizer to sheer it out. "The more skin can breathe, the better" she adds.

2. Negative Space Eyeliner

“We’ve seen the revolution of impressive graphic neon eyeliner, but this year’s revival will be aided by fresh and flawless skin,” says Mali Thomas, top makeup artist and founder of Mali Magic Studios. “Negative space liner is the cherry on top as it invites more room for you to play and easily clean up mistakes as opposed to eyeliner traditionally drawn closely above the eyelash line,” she adds.

“Eyes have been and will continue to be a very creative way to express yourself,” agrees Ash. “I'm all for experimenting with eyeliner shapes to create a bold or subtle graphic eye.” 

3. Detailed Brows

“Brows are a beauty trademark," says Mali. “To achieve this look, the application is mastered with a brow pencil, then accentuated with a brow pen for a defined and fuller appearance,” she explains. “I absolutely love this technique because it can both restore and enhance any brow situation.”

4. Contoured lips

“The contoured lip trend won't be going anywhere,” calls Ash. But to keep it modern, she recommends a moisturizing satin lipstick finish over anything too matte. “Buxom Cosmetics full-on plumping lip liners create the perfect contoured pout as well as their full force plumping nude lip collection,” she recommends.

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