Stylist’s tips: How to layer necklaces like a pro

Stylist’s tips: How to layer necklaces like a pro

Create the perfect look with these amazing tips.

Alyssa Sutter is a fashion stylist and the founder and designer of gender-free jewelry brand Omnis Studios. She’s the person everybody needs to help them get the best look. Now keep on reading for the 5 tips Sutter revealed to layer necklaces the best way.

Learn how to layer your necklace!

1-Start easy

If you are a newbie in the world of layering necklaces it’s better to start simple and slow, just take baby steps. “My suggestion for stacking an impactful two-necklace combination would be to have each chain be similar in thickness and, if you have a charm necklace, that one should lay on the bottom,” says Sutter. Whether two or six necklaces, this stylist's approach is generally to mix pieces in varying textures, thicknesses, and lengths.

2-Statement necklace

If you are to follow Sutter’s advice you can tailor your statement accessory to your liking. “I personally love mixing metals and thickness to create a look that feels new and fresh,” she says, sharing her latest necklace combination.

3- A dominant metal is key

“A good rule of thumb when it comes to mixing metals is to pick one metal as your dominant and the other metal should be a subtle compliment,” suggest Sutter. Just adding a small dose of contrast, it will make the difference and make it a lot more natural look or you can simply wear an earring of a different tone to balance the whole look.

4-Keep in mind the length

Stacking goes beyond gold and silver chains with pearl and beaded necklaces that combine to create a cool, mixed-medium approach to accessorizing. If you want to avoid tangled-up results you should make sure what you’re wearing has marginally different lengths. Making sure each necklace is laying stacked and not in one big clump is going to look the most flattering. For example, if you have a pearl necklace at 16 inches and a charm necklace at 18 inches, a simpler necklace would look betterlaying under those two for balance and framing of the more statement pieces.” Says Sutter.

5-Adjustable necklaces are better

“A little trick I use while stacking necklaces is clasping chains on a shorter link to find my desired length,” says Sutter. “Sometimes a necklace is made at 18 or 20 inches but I want it shorter to complete my stack.”

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