These are the foods you should avoid to have a perfect skin

These are the foods you should avoid to have a perfect skin

Consuming certain types of food may affect the way your skin looks. Find more information about it here!

What works for others, might not work for you. Instead of trying out any of Instagram's advertised products, you should try to stick to scientific advice. The International Journal of Dermatology studied for 10 years the relationship between food and acne and found out that six dietary factors cause you to break out. Although everyone’s skin reacts differently, if you stay away from the following foods and eat a lot of raw vegetables, it will probably make a difference.

High glycemic foods:

Brown rice syrup, for example. Research finds those who keep a low-glycemic diet have half the amount of acne than those who eat high-glycemic ones

High glycemic load:

White rice and pancakes.

White bread, bagels:

Foods with a high glycemic index give you a sugar rush that will be terrible for your skin.

Avoid bagels to have a flawless skin

Dairy products:

Cheese, milk and its byproducts: 

Some studies in girls and boys have shown that consuming dairy products, especially skim milk, was associated with having more acne. This may be due to reduced amounts of estrogen in skim milk compared to whole milk.

Fast food:

Any highly processed foods such as hamburgers, hotdogs, etc.

Not having your daily dose of raw vegetables


Chocolate and acne relationship is not clear

Studies on whether chocolate causes acne are inconclusive. If there is a link, it may be due to the milk and sugar content in some types of chocolate.

Although food is just one aspect of the treatment, we know that genetics and hormone changes play a big role, eating too much of the previous foods and not including veggies, can make your breakout. It is also necessary to limit added sugars and processed carbs as much as possible.

To promote healthy skin go for veggies, fruits, foods high in fatty acids –such as salmon.

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