Sofia Vergara's tips for glowing skin

These are Sofia Vergara's tips for glowing skin, you don't want to miss out!

Recommendations for beautiful and healthy skin. Sofia Vergara, the actress of Modern Family, reveals her daily personal care routine.

The famous 47-year-old actress has a healthy and beautiful body. But behind these results, there are some secrets we should all know.

Sofia Vergara became one of the most admired women in Hollywood and can boast a healthy and natural beauty.

"The best thing is to set rules and establish a routine to make it easier to follow. And above all, eat in moderation".

Many celebrities agree that in order to achieve a healthy body and maintain skincare it is necessary to follow a healthier and more balanced diet, prioritizing the consumption of vegetables and fruit, which is important for an anti-oxidant diet.

Sofia Vergara's diet // Photo by Ayda Oz

"I haven't smoked or eaten red meat in 13 years. I eat a wide variety of foods but never red meat, because of its high fat content".

Regarding her skincare and make-up, the famous actress reveals that she prefers to use natural make-up, such as mineral compact powders.

In addition, Sofia Vergara reveals that she gets a pedicure every week and loves the bright, passionate colors of her nails. She uses a moisturizing cream with active deodorant daily that prevents sweating and allows her skin to look healthy and fresh.

"I used to put on masks and scrubs but I had to simplify it.  A little bit of vitamin C treatments, but everything in moderation

Finally, the actress reveals that when night comes she takes off her makeup with a sponge and then puts on soap and cream before going to sleep.

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