Skinimalism vs multistep skin routines

Skinimalism: The less the better?

Pinterest just released their annual Pinterest Predicts report for 2021 and a new skincare term is topping the list: Skinimalism.  

During 2020, our focus on skin took another approach as we learned that we had to deal with maskne. And as we became more conscious of how to look after our glowy skin, we also started to think if there were new things or approaches we could look into. And yes, there was: a minimalistic routine.  In fact, Skinimalism is building off the slow beauty movement we've seen happening since the start of the pandemic.

As the head of content and editorial partnerships at Pinterest, Aya Kanai was particularly fascinated with one search term that spiked on this year's Pinterest Predicts report. "Face yoga is a [easy] way to make your skincare practice feel new and different," she notes. “Adding a ritual to your daily life [makes a difference]—normally your commute would help you unwind, or having drinks with friends, now we have face yoga.”

These are the most searched terms that defined what 2021 beauty trends were:

Face yoga: This search grew 4 times during the pandemic, not only because it's effective, but also because it's free. As skinimalism becomes popular, instead of buying products to apply to their skin, people are trying out a few poses to improve circulation, break facial tension, and increase glow.

Face yoga searches grew 4 times during the pandemic.

Natural makeup: Natural and everyday makeup searches were 18 times higher during the pandemic —and this is the essence of skinimalism. And that's not to say you're supposed to look like a 20-year-old model with plump skin and zero breakouts, lines, or discoloration. It's more about skin health, sheer textures, luminous finishes, and comfortable formulas.

Homemade skincare: Brace yourself! the realm of DIY beauty products is here to stay. The search for this term grew 110 times this year! We've all been home—trying to either pass the time, save money, or keep from leaving the house. Or all three at the same time. Whatever the reason, we have finally made our own skincare products and that is terrific!

The realm of DIY beauty products is here to stay.

Aniela Dybiec

Aniela is a writer who loves art, makeup, and magick. She is also an amateur illustrator, a wellness fan and a vegetarian.+ info

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