Check your neck: tips to look after the skin of this area

On many occasions, we do not care for the neck as we should, but it is really important to include the area in your skincare routine! Here's what you should know.

Did you know that wrinkles are more prone to appear in the neck area? That is why it is accurate to remember to keep an eye on the neck too.

Skincare routines became very popular and very important. And although we talk much about the importance of the measures to prevent the evidence of the passage of time, little we talk about the neck.

Many times, the neck is left behind. It should not be like this. The skin of the neck's area is more delicate and tends to be thinner, that is the reason why aging evidence is more likely to appear there. Besides, according to experts, there is not much collagen in the neck, unlike other areas.

Many times we forget about the neck.

With the appearance of technology, especially phones, bending the neck became a habit. Looking downwards frequently or even keeping your phone between ear and shoulder is damaging your skin more than you think.

As a result, it turns out to be essential to care for the neck's skin. Experts explain that there is no need to make extreme changes to your skincare routine. You can even use the same products or add some creams designed to care for the neck, but it will be enough. What is crucial, is to be gentle with that skin. For example, exfoliation can cause some irritation. 

The skin of the neck is thinner than the rest of the skin.

You can fight pigmentation and trigger the production of collagen and antioxidants with serums. There are different serums. You can choose any of them,  just bear in mind to use them in upward motions. 

Finally, if you want more, you can also look for products that can provide you with growth factors, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and also vitamin C. Now you are ready to take good care of your neck!

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