Skin Care: This is the low-cost secret that Nicole Kidman uses every day

Skin Care: This is the low-cost secret that Nicole Kidman uses every day

Nicole Kidman is 53 years old, but her skin looks the same or better than that of a 20-year-old. The secret is in her skincare.

The actress is addicted to this cream with retinol and hyaluronic acid to blur the signs of aging.

Nicole Kidman uses daily an anti-wrinkle cream with two of the star ingredients that fight the signs of aging: hyaluronic acid and retinol.

Nicole Kidman gorgeous skin // Photo: Instagram

Despite being one of the most recognized actresses in Hollywood, she doesn't spend more than $25 on her facial moisturizer.

"I believe in using retinol at night, so I use the Neutrogena Night Repair. I know people go, 'Retinol! It'll make your skin dry,' but [this one] doesn't."

Nicole Kidman skincare routine // Photo: Instagram

The reason why she didn't change her facial moisturizer for a more expensive one is that it worked great for her.

"Taking care of yourself, putting on masks, exfoliating; all those things really help."

Its formula is designed to have immediate effects: it blurs the appearance of the deepest wrinkles, including forehead, cheeks and crow's feet, illuminates and rejuvenates the face from within, promotes the creation of collagen, and softens the finest lines.

Nicole Kidman flowless skin // Photo: Instagram

In addition to this secret of personal care, she also takes care of herself from the inside, eating healthy and that also allows her to prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging.

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