Silicone Sheet Masks: how effective are they?

Silicone Sheet Masks: how effective are they?

They are eco-friendly, fun to use and promise a lot of benefits, but do they really work? And most importantly are they bad for your skin?

I have already come to terms with my face mask addiction, I love the feeling of my face after I’ve removed a super hydrating mask, I love the scent, and the whole experience in general. But all these products are single-use, the packaging is usually made out of plastic and the sheet ends up in my garbage bin, so silicon masks seem like a good option for people like me that typically use 3 masks a week.

Single-use mask are not eco-friendly, but the experience is great.

They are designed for you to wear on top of your favorite products and promise to make them penetrate deeper into your skin –then you washed them, store them and use them indefinitely.

But I can’t help wonder if it is actually effective, the instructions say that it should be used after you’ve finished your skincare routine, why should it make a difference? Well, when we apply serums and moisturizers, most of the water evaporates and the mask helps to lock in the product and it protects the ingredients so they don’t rub off –in fact, it’s quite confrontable and has loops to hook around the ears, it doesn’t slide like other masks, and you can walk around with the mask on.

Silicone masks are a great option if you care about the environment.

As it is made of silicon, it has no potential reaction to active ingredients, it ensures that you can use it on top of any skincare product without any undesired side effects.

So if you are trying to become more sustainable, this is a great option!

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