Amazing face massage tools you need to try right now

Creams, serums, and oils are one part of your skincare routine, but the trendiest addition is the use of face massage tools that will help you get a glowy look and make the most out of those products!

Face tools, like rollers and vibrating wands, do more than help your skincare products penetrate better. They are relaxing, can firm and tone your skin and even contour some of your features. Of course, this is a great addition as long as you are consistent!

Benefits of facial massages

Face massage is more than just a relaxing treat –it also has a lot of benefits.  Face massage whether done at home or at a salon promotes healthy skin while relaxing your facial muscles, it has a relaxing and rejuvenating effect, helping you look and feel better.

Face massage improves circulation, making your complexion glow, and relieving tension.

What's more, it improves circulation, making your complexion glow, and relieving tension. However, as it is not always affordable to do this at a beauty salon, so more and more brands are launching their own line of face massagers.

Here are some popular options:

Jade facial roller

Jade facial roller

A jade facial roller is your go-to tool if you struggle with inflammation. Remember the time where you used to put spoons in our freezer in the hopes of improving your appearance? Well, those times are long gone. Made of ethically-mined stones, the jade roller is naturally cold (although it is recommended to put it in the fridge a few minutes before you use it). It has two roller sizes: use the longer for larger areas and the shorter for around the eye.

Gua sha facial lifting tool

Gua Sha facial lifting tool

These massagers are offered in three stones: jade, rose quartz, and amethyst. How to use it? You simply use the edge to “scrape” your skin outwards —always make sure you use a facial oil beforehand. The other side of this tool has two grooves that match the shape of a jaw.

Gold sculpting bar

It sounds fancy (and it is, as a matter of fact): this 24-karat-gold tool will give you a fresh look and a bright complexion after just 10-15 minutes of use. This tool vibrates very subtly in a way that your skin “works out” and becomes stimulated. When using this tool, make sure you roll it from the bottom of your face upwards to have a lifted look.

These tools will help you lift and sculpt your complexion.

Amethyst massaging tool

This is a vibrating tool that provides a gentle massage that will definitely bring your skin back to life. This amethyst massaging tool provides 6,000 pulses per minute, helping to lift and sculpt your complexion.

Facial massages are a pleasant way to pamper yourself at home while treating specific concerns. You can try to follow up with a facial massage with a product that may help improve your skin’s condition and just relax!

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