Saweetie’s red hair era and all the details

Saweetie’s red hair era and all the details

First, she got ginger but now is getting brighter and fans are going crazy about it!

Saweetie became a blonde sensation back in April and showed off her fantastic bright-blonde in braided ponytails, chic topknots, and many more hairstyles.

In September, the Bay Area rapper ditched her light hair for a cute ginger hue, her fans truly loved it. But now she’s gone further and changed her hair to a much brighter red that is truly phenomenal.

She changed her hair to a much brighter red that is truly phenomenal.

The Icy Queen shared the new candy-apple-red hair color in an Instagram carousel on October 13. She so can wear it well. There's a slight ombré effect at the roots where the color fades from black to scarlet for a seamless look.

Her long, straight hair cascades way past her waist and is styled with a part down the middle and two braids running through the front half of the hair. The bright red braids were crossed over and pinned in the middle at the back of her head. She looks greater than ever with this look.

Her baby hairs were undoubtedly slicked, swooped, and looped with expertise. Without that Saweetie wouldn’t be truly herself. Perhaps her stylist used the Kiss Edge Fixer Glued gel, for which the rapper has served as a spokesperson, or another amazing gel, like the Best of Beauty Award-winning African Pride Extra Hold Braid, Loc, & Twist Gel, to keep those hairs slicked down. You can’t know for sure, but what you can do is continue admiring Saweetie’s perfection. 

Saweetie seems to be fully embracing her red hair era and fans can't get enough. How long will she keep this specific shade of red? Nobody knows for sure.

For the record, we think she would look phenomenal with an auburn hue or a bright orange and we can't wait to see what's next. Anyway, she’d look fabulous in any hair color as she is a goddess.

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