Reese Witherspoon's secrets for youthful skin

Reese Witherspoon shares the secrets to her ever-glowing skin

It seems that years do not pass for Reese Witherspoon since she always looks amazing and youthful. Here we share the secret to her flawless complexion, which is almost a Hollywood staple.

The 45-year-old actress known for her role as Legally Blonde is usually compared to her 21-year-old daughter Ava and many people joke that they seem to be twins! This is because Reese looks amazing all the time. What does she do? Well, she is conscious of the importance of taking care of the skin, so she follows a skincare routine that we are going to explain here. 

Reese Witherspoon is usually compared to her 21-year-old daughter Ava // Photo by Instagram

“As you get older and start seeing wrinkles and fine lines, it’s so important to moisturize and use great products that really hydrate and take care of your skin,” she told Glamour.

Reese Witherspoon skincare routine 

She follows a three-step skincare routine:

Step 1: Cleanse

First things first, she uses Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Replenishing Cleansing Oil to remove any makeup from her skin before jumping into treatment products. This is a good place to start since oil cleansers help break down impurities that usually remain on your skin. Cleansing your skin is essential to have healthy skin.

 “This is great,” she said. “It takes off all my makeup and it makes my skin so soft and moisturized. Love this!”

Reese Witherspoon follows a three-step skincare routine // Photo by Instagram

Step 2: Massage

Reese uses NuVibe RX Amethyst Massaging Beauty Roller to do a facial massage. According to experts, using a facial roller can reduce puffiness, eye bags, and dark circles which will make you look younger and radiant. 

Step 3: Face peel or retinol

After the massage, Witherspoon rinses her face with warm water and continues with her skincare routine. She follows the Elizabeth Arden Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment, which is a treatment with strong active ingredients like lactic acid and gluconolactone that promote cell turnover and reveal polished, glowing skin.

Reese uses NuVibe RX Amethyst Massaging Beauty Roller to do a facial massage // Photo by Instagram

Finally, she ends moisturizing her skin at night and using sunscreen in the morning, something that she also advises her daughter, Ava.“I just explain to her that the tone and the coloration of your skin change as you get older, and after you have kids, sometimes you get brown spots. So anything that helps even out skin tone is really important. That way you don’t have to wear a lot of makeup and cover your skin if you take care of it from the time you’re young.” she says. 

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