Reasons why your complexion is not glowy and how to fix dull skin

4 Reasons why your complexion is not glowy

If you are looking for ways of enhancing your complexion, you are in the right place. Here’s some expert advice on how to fix dull skin and get the dewy, glowy look that you are aiming at!

If we have to define what dull skin is, it would be a bit difficult, but if you have it, you are bound to know what I mean. Dermatologists provide some solutions for dull skin that you can actually do at home.

1. Cause: Dead skin buildup

We are constantly shedding skin cells, so it is only natural that they start to accumulate on the surface of our face giving our complexion an ashy look –it literally looks like dust. When you clean it, it becomes glowy again.


Tip: exfoliate.

Try scheduling an exfoliation once or twice a week. You can try natural exfoliators or store-bought ones and in a month you will definitely notice the difference.

2. Cause: Pollution

The pollution we are exposed to daily contains particles that create free radicals on our skin. the problem with free radicals is that they damage collagen and stimulate pigmentation.


Cleanse at least once a day.

Cleanse your face properly before going to bed and in the morning as well. actually, I double cleanse every time I go out, I can’t stand the thought of air pollution being stuck to my skin. You can try using soap and a brush to remove the pollution buildup and prevent free-radical damage.

3. Cause: Poor hydration

If you fail to moisturize enough, your face will definitely look dull.


Keep your skin hydrated.

You can try dabbing some hyaluronic acid with the tip of your fingers wet to make it penetrate deeper into the skin. Then layer with emollients to prevent the acid from evaporating.

4. Cause: overexposure to the sun

It is impossible not to be exposed to the sun, but if you actually do it on purpose, well, it’s a mistake. Sun damage produces discoloration and weakened collagen –welcome wrinkles!


Applying sunscreen is the best antiaging advice I can give you.

Well, you have to wear sunscreen –always, no exception. It is the best antiaging advice I can give you.

If you follow these tips, your face should recover in a month. If you are still experiencing skin issues, make sure you consult a doctor.

Aniela Dybiec

Aniela is a writer who loves art, makeup, and magick. She is also an amateur illustrator, a wellness fan and a vegetarian.+ info

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