Make this rejuvenating aloe gel and hibiscus serum: glowing skin guaranteed

Make this rejuvenating aloe gel and hibiscus serum: glowing skin guaranteed

Aloe and hibiscus serum is a beauty product you can apply to your face after cleansing but before moisturizing to deliver these powerful ingredients directly into your skin.

Serums deliver powerful nutrients into your skin before you apply moisturizer and keep your face glowing all day long. 

This serum is designed to deliver high concentrations of hibiscus skin

Aloe and hibiscus serum 

This anti-aging serum is a fast-absorbing liquid with a high concentration of key performing aloe vera and hibiscus to treat your skin

Serums can penetrate your skin deeper than your moisturizer, which makes them a great vehicle for targeting wrinkles and blemishes.

Hibiscus, the anti-aging plant

One of the most powerful anti-aging plant actives, Hibiscus has a magical reputation for increasing skin elasticity to give a stunning natural youth. Hibiscus combats the aging process by firming and lifting your skin.

Hibiscus has great anti-aging benefits.

Do you need an anti-aging serum?
Serums have potent amounts of active ingredients, they’re more likely to irritate the skin. Make sure to patch-test this serum first before applying it to your entire face.

Hibiscus can help control acne, increase moisture and improve elasticity.

Hibiscus, aloe vera gel, and almond oil serum recipe

What do you need? 

- 1  tablespoon hibiscus shavings
- 2 tablespoon aloe vera gel
- 5 tablespoon almond oil
- 1 tablespoon rose water
- 1 tablespoon coconut oil


Mini funnel
Nut milk bag
1 glass jar

Recipe: mix all the oils and gel in a small bowl or pot. Once you mixed, funnel the serum into a mason jar. Add the hibiscus shavings and mix well. Allow the hibiscus shavings to infuse the serum overnight in the fridge. Strain your mixture through a cheesecloth or a nut milk bag. Funnel your serum into a bottle and store it in a fridge for up to one month.

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