Plant-based squalene: how it can totally transform your skin health Plant-based squalene: how it can totally transform your skin health

Plant-based squalene: how it can totally transform your skin health

Once an oil only obtained from sharks, it has been discovered that we can also get it from vegetables. And it is still good for the skin. 

Squalene is a viscous oil that does not leave a greasy sensation or rust. In addition, it is transparent and does not present any odor. The human body produces it until the age of 25. Afterward, it is important to supplement it to promote oxygenation, elasticity, and hydration in the skin. It is obtained in a vegetable and animal way.

For almost a century, the demand for squalene was met by shark liver oil (a component that helps them float). As time went by, many environmental problems and challenges were generated, so cosmetic brands opted to extract it in a vegetable way. They discovered that it can be obtained from wheat germ, rice bran, olive oil, and mainly from sugar cane.

Sugar cane is one of the vegetables from which squalene can be obtained.


It is one of the main components of human sebum, and of the hydrolipid layer. On the skin, it is quickly absorbed and has a great affinity with other oils and lanolins, which is why it has soothing, hydrating, and purifying properties. The softness and silkiness it provides, as well as its non-greasy effect, make it an essential ingredient in high-quality cosmetic emulsions.

Squalene is used as an ingredient in high-quality cosmetic emulsions.


  1. Oxygenates the skin
  2. Helps prevent blemishes on the skin
  3. Prevents UV damage to the skin
  4. Helps retain natural skin oils
  5. Prevents the appearance of wrinkles
  6. Moisturizes the skin
  7. Softens the skin, leaving no greasy residue
  8. It improves skin texture
  9. Relieves itching and redness
  10. Improves skin elasticity
  11. Excellent auxiliary in healing processes
  12. Close the split ends of the hair

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