Avoid these lipstick mistakes that will make you look older Avoid these lipstick mistakes that will make you look older

Attention! Lipstick mistakes that make you look older

Sometimes we think that lipstick is our BFF but if we don't use it correctly it could make us look older. Avoid these mistakes!

We use lipstick to look more beautiful, but also because it gives that final touch to any makeup. In the world of lipsticks, we find matte, creamy, moisturizing, glossy and balms lipsticks, they are all magnificent! But, sometimes, not knowing how to wear lipstick or skipping some steps will make us look older and even our lips do not look healthy. 

1. You're not hydrating your lips

Use the balm everywhere, from your lips to your dry cuticles.

The lips, like any part of the face, need sun protection and hydration. That is why it is always necessary to use a lip balm to keep the lips in good condition or even coconut oil before you use lipstick. Apply lip balm before you start with the foundation. By the time you get to the lipstick, your lips will be hydrated enough for this step.

2. You're not using a lip liner

The liner is very useful for the lips, it allows you to correct and enhance their shape. Use a lip liner that matches or is a shade darker than your lipstick to help lips appear fuller. This is a must when using dark or highly pigmented lipsticks. There's nothing attractive about poorly applied lipstick. 

Gently exfoliate lips using a toothbrush or flannel to get rid of dead skin.

3. You're not choosing the correct shade for your skin tone

If your skin has a cool undertone and you want to wear red lipstick, choose one that has blue tones instead of oranges, and vice versa if your skin has a warm undertone. Taking a moment to study what colors suit you best will keep your look sharp, classic, and clean.

4. You're applying lipstick on dry and cracked lips

Flaky and dry lips will make you look older! Do not use lipstick on sore lips, not only because makeup does not look good but because it can hurt and dry the skin more. Use a very mild scrub to lightly polish your lips and remove dead skin. Make your own by combining coconut oil with sugar.

If you intend to wear lipstick, you can apply a lip liner first.

5. You're using a nude tone that is the same as your skin

Nude is the shade of the moment, but be careful! It does not always go well, you have to choose a tone darker than your skin to achieve a contrast with your skin. Choose shades similar to the inner part of your lips and you'll look good instead of tired.

6.You're not matching your lipstick to the rest of your makeup

Consider your entire look before choosing your lipstick. Eyeshadow and blush should look good with your lipstick of choice. The golden rule, of course, is to go for bright lips OR strong eye makeup. Not both. Equally important are the clothes you're wearing. Lipstick should match your entire look. 

7. You're not getting the shape right

This is a very common mistake. You think you've done everything right but a closer look reveals your lips are looking rather sad. Meaning you look like you're upset about something. The cause is usually sticking to your exact lip shape. For the correct technique on how to get happy lips, check out this awesome tutorial by the one and only, Lisa Eldridge.

Makeup tips for happy lips

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