Nighttime skincare: Sleeping hours can improve your skin Nighttime skincare: Sleeping hours can improve your skin

Nighttime skincare: Sleeping hours can improve your skin

If you thought that the day cream works also at night, you are wrong. Sleep requires special products that enhance the effects of cell renewal. Let's see!

The skin also feels the difference between night and day; is that, when the light is turned off, the body ignites a powerful process of cell renewal, that is, new cells are generated.

During sleep, the immune system is strengthened, muscle relaxation increases, blood flow increases and this makes the skin more oxygenated and ready to renew itself. Let's see what nighttime treatment to incorporate!

Our skin cells regenerate in the evening.

The night is the ideal time for skincare
This combination of factors makes the night the ideal time to use products with a higher concentration of active ingredients, such as serums. Of course, it is not a question of choosing just anyone, nowadays, the cosmetic industry offers specific lines for night use. Most contain components that stimulate cell renewal, such as retinoid and glycolic acids. They also have depigmenting principles, since many of the active ingredients used for this purpose are incompatible with sunlight. Also, day creams focus on other needs such as sun protection and moisturizing.

Cleaning, the first step
Good facial cleansing is the first key to showing off healthy skin, but if this principle is basic, it should be emphasized at night. Is that, throughout the day, the skin absorbs impurities, oiliness, and bacteria, and these clog the pores. The only way to get rid of all those daily souvenirs is deep cleaning. If you put on makeup, first use a makeup remover cream or lotion (it can be micellar water or some biphasic if you use waterproof makeup). Only afterward do the cleansing with gel or cream, and it is after this step that the skin is ready to receive the night treatment.

Nighttime skin-care products are important to your skin's health.

Nighttime: Renewal Shock
Nighttime skin repair is so important that it is worth taking advantage of this moment to apply deep-action masks. Also, in this case, cosmetic brands create specific formulas, some can be left on overnight, while others are removed.

To enhance its effects, it is advisable to previously use an exfoliant that removes all the dead cells from the face well and then apply the mask.

Sleeping well is the key
Finally, keep in mind something obvious: no product works magic, the first guideline to comply with to promote cell regeneration of the body is to rest well. Lack of sleep increases the production of free radicals and stress. This results in skin aging and loss of freshness. Wrinkles and dark circles are more marked. A bad dream results in a pale and haggard tone, a dry texture, without light or shine, rough and, in general, in a worn and aged appearance.

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