10 Skincare and haircare mistakes you didn't know you were making in the shower

10 Skincare and haircare mistakes you didn't know you were making in the shower

Check out these 10 common showering mistakes -and their solutions- that aren't doing your skin or hair any favors.

Learn what stylists and dermatologists have to say about the components of the perfect shower!

Mistake #1: Taking an extra-hot shower 

Showering with extremely hot water isn't recommended if you wish for healthy skin.

Although you may think having a hot shower will wash all of your problems away and relieve your stress, very hot water isn't recommended. If you want to have healthier skin and hair, you should use warm water. This way, you’ll avoid the potential consequences of showering with super hot water, from which the most dangerous is stripping the skin from its natural oils. This, in turn, could lead to itchiness, rashes, and dry skin.

Mistake #2: Spending a long time in the shower

Your shower shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes. Otherwise, it’s too long to achieve proper skin benefits. If you want to help out your skin, the best would be to have a 5-minute shower and apply a moisturizer right afterward, while your skin is still damp. This will improve the absorption of skincare products. Many people take extra time in the shower because they leave on their hair conditioner for a long time, but its effects are actually instant, as it only coats the hair and can't penetrate the strands even if you leave it on for a long time.

Mistake #3: Choosing the wrong shampoo

Many people have changed their shampoo to a paraben-free alternative. If you're one of them, don't miss this piece of information: several of these shampoos contain methylisothiazolinone, a compound that can cause irritation on the scalp. Experts say many people can be sensitive to it, which is certainly something to be aware of. Check the labels on each product you buy and, as a rule of thumb, stick to natural products as much as you can.

Mistake #4: Choosing the wrong soap

For a healthy skincare routine, make sure you choose a soap that doesn't leave your skin dried when you shower.

Many cleansers are very nice to the touch and have delicious fragrances, but the main concern and element to consider is how they impact your skin. If you stop to think about it, it's one of the products that'll touch your skin the most! Some soaps can be too harsh and harm your skin by leaving it dry, flaky, and rough. The best option for most skin types is using a gentle and fragrance-free soap.

Mistake #5: Not taking care of their sponges or loofahs

If you can’t live without your sponge or loofah, you should take these warnings and preventions into account. As they're usually left in the bathroom after the shower, in a humid environment, they can never dry out completely. Dermatologists advise against letting this happen because it's the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. The best option is to throw it away, but if you just can’t do that, you should keep it out of the bathroom to dry out daily or make sure you leave it super dry after your showers. Most importantly, change it regularly! Once a month is a perfect timeframe.

Mistake #6: Washing your face in the shower

If possible, wash your face with your chosen face cleanser once you're out of the shower.

The soaps usually used during the shower or the bath aren't as friendly with the skin on your face as they're with the one on your body. In fact, they can damage it and lead to dryness and redness. Avoid applying body soaps on your face and cleanse it before going in the shower with the correct skincare products. Remember that you should use lukewarm water to wash your face before using any products so that they'll be more easily absorbed by the open pores. Afterward, splash your face with cold water to close them again and prevent bacteria and dirt from entering your skin.

Mistake #7: Rinsing your hair with warm water

Just like your skin pores open up with high-temperature water and close with cold water, your hair cuticle is also prone to open up when you wash your hair with warm water. This can lead to dryness when it's done once you're done showering, so rinse your hair with cold water to prevent it. Additionally, you'll experience a shinier look!

Mistake #8: Brushing your hair in the shower

Before stepping into the shower with your hairbrush, check that there are no tangles in your hair. These can be worsened with water, which could lead to a longer detangling process with higher risks of overbrushing your hair and applying too much strength in every brush. Instead, grab a plastic vent brush with many bristles and use it to detangle your strands, from the bottom to the top. After having showered, brush your hair once again.

Mistake #9: Failing to moisturize afterward

Using a moisturizer when your skin is still damp locks in needed moisture to keep your skin from becoming dry or cracked.

Effective moisturizers use humectants to pull in moisture, emollients to smooth the surface and provide a silky feel, and an occlusive to lock the moisture in.

Mistake #10: Scrubbing too hard

Scrubbing hard in the shower can damage your skin.

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