Live your look: your makeup will last longer with these incredible tipsv Live your look: your makeup will last longer with these incredible tipsv

Live your look: your makeup will last longer with these incredible tips

Your makeup will last longer with these incredible tips!

Designing a look takes a lot of time, and certainly a lot of effort. So it's nowhere near fun when after spending long hours putting your make-up on, it is all runny after just a few hours outside. Has this happened to you?



If it did, you might want to know that there are certain hacks that you can add to your routine that will dramatically improve the duration of makeup on your skin. Dream big because this is now possible!
Following these simple steps, you will achieve an all-day-long dream make-up.

1. Exfoliation

Exfoliation is the key to properly preparing your skin for make-up. The surface of the epidermis will be smoother. Make-up will be able to penetrate better and will, therefore, last longer. Choose a good-quality exfoliant and use it twice a week.

2. Moisturizer

The degree of hydration and sebum production fluctuates throughout the day. To prevent your make-up from cracking, it is necessary that your skin is well hydrated. A good moisturizer softens, counteracts signs of dryness, and firms the skin.

3. Choose the right make-up for your skin type

If you feel like your skin is oily and your make-up is starting to "slip", try an oil-free formula for a matte finish that lasts all day. And if, on the contrary, you feel that your make-up dries your skin, try moisturizing or luminous make-up.

4. Spread the make-up!

Apply your make-up in several light layers. It will be more beautiful than spreading it all at once in a thick layer and it will look much more natural. This rule applies to foundation, eye shadow, and lipstick.

5. Setting powder

In order for your make-up to last, be sure to set it with a touch of powder so it stays in place longer. While most people know how to emphasize the T-zone, concealer is often overlooked. A light brush of powder all over your face will also help hide dark circles.

Bonus tip: set make-up with a spray bottle
Sprays are specially designed to make make-up last longer. Applying a spray over your make-up is the last step you should follow before leaving home

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