Lily Collins' best beauty tricks you should try too!

Lily Collins' best beauty tricks you should try too!

We list the most effective beauty tricks of Lily Collins, the star of 'Emily in Paris'. You will not regret trying them! Read on to find out more.

After the great success of Emily in Paris, we share some of Lily's best kept beauty secrets!

Lily Collins' Best Beauty Secrets

And to celebrate that we will soon see the famous it girl in this new story, from the creator of 'Sex and the City', we have decided to investigate what are the keys to the beauty of Lily Collins to look radiant on all occasions.

Lily Collins' best beauty tricks you should try too!

Thick and defined brows:

The 31-year-old actress is very clear that her eyebrows are the frame of her powerful gaze, so keeping them impeccable is a priority for her. So Lily keeps the natural shape of her eyebrows and makes them slightly lighter (than her brows), then brushes them in the same direction and sets them with gel (to give them a bit of definition).

And to give them a more natural look, Collins makes them only from the middle towards the outside (slightly filling in the spaces between his eyebrows), leaving the beginning of his brows slightly disheveled and free of artificial pigments.

'I never shave them, but when I was younger I was ashamed of them ... then when I became a teenager I learned to love them. I am unable to delineate them with a pencil, I simply comb them with a little gel, 'the it girl once confessed to a famous magazine.

What does Lily Collins do to make her eyes always look so big?

What is a fact is that for her it is ALWAYS necessary to apply a large amount of mascara to her eyes, as well as put a little white shadow or eyeliner on the birth of her lower eyelids to make her eyes even bigger!

The Hollywood star always gives prominence to her mouth or her eyes in her beauty looks (but prevents both from competing at the same time for the spotlight).

How does Lily Collins take care of her skin?

The protagonist of 'Love Rosie' stays hydrated and drinks a lot of water, she is also a lover of body creams (especially those for hands and can easily be carried in her bag).

She applies moisturizer to her body or coconut oil, in generous portions, because the British-American actress has dry skin.

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