Learn what type of hair you have with this incredible guide Learn what type of hair you have with this incredible guide

Learn what type of hair you have with this incredible guide

Understanding your hair type will make things a lot easier when it comes to choosing treatments and products!

Knowing your hair porosity, hair density, and hair type will help you understand, and how to properly take care of it. Stop wasting time and money on products that don't do anything to your hair. 



Hair Porosity

This is how your hair is able to absorb and hold moisture. It's affected by the outer layer of your hair molecule that is called the cuticle which would determine how easily moisture can pass in and out of your hair.

The Floating Test

Take a couple of strands of your hair from a comb or a brush and drop it into a cup or a bowl of water, and let it sit. A few minutes later you can see where it is, if your hair floats, you have low porosity hair. If your hair sinks, you have high porosity hair. And if your hair stays in the middle you have medium porosity.

1) Low porosity 

Hair has tightly bound cuticle layers with overlapping scales that lay flat. This hair type is usually considered healthy and it is often shiny.

2) Medium porosity 

Hair requires the least amount of maintenance. The cuticle layer is looser than low porosity allowing just the right amount of moisture to get into the hair while forbidding too much from escaping. 

3) High porosity 

Hair is highly porous, so while it will absorb oils it may not retain moisture that well. 

Hair Density

Hair density refers to how closely those strands are packed together on your hair. 
Try with your dry hair:  if you can see your scalp very easily, then you have low-density hair. 
If you can see some of your scalp, you have medium-density hair. If your scalp is difficult to see, then you have high-density hair.

Ponytail test

Smooth out your hair as much as possible with a comb or your fingers, and then gather and tie it into a ponytail. Low-density hair will be less than two inches, medium density hair will be two to three inches and thick hair will be four or more inches.

Hair width

This refers to the thickness of the individual strand on your hair rather than how much hair you have on your head.

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