Kendall Jenner's beauty secrets: from DYI masks to her signature makeup look

Looking at Kendall Jenner, one might think that it's impossible that she can have any issues with her skin. This only proves the efficiency of her skincare routine! Luckily, Kendall is quite honest with her audience and has generously shared her tried and tested recipes to get the glow even when you're having an off day.

Talking to Vogue's YouTube channel, Kendall Jenner revealed her beauty and skincare secrets, which start with a homemade facial mask. With ingredients found in most pantries and fridges -oatmeal, a mashed avocado, honey, and some lavender oil- the celebrity creates her own DIY mask that works wonders on her skin, leaving it glowing and moisturized.

“I put an avocado in a bowl and then mash it up with some oatmeal, some superfood honey and then this organic lavender oil,” she says. “It’s really easy; it feels really nice, it moisturises you, and makes you glowy.”

Kendall Jenner shares the secrets to her skincare and makeup routines // Photo: Instagram

Kendall Jenner’s next step in her skincare routine is a sheet mask. To enhance its cooling effects, she applies it with a jade face massager previously left on cold ice. This, as the celebrity knows, is a very effective and easy way to get rid of any puffiness that may be left on your face after waking up.

Once she’s finished massaging her face with the crystal face roller, Kendall Jenner gently peels off the sheet masks. She likes to fold it and rub the excess product left in the mask on her face. This is a great way to make sure you make the most out of this skincare essential instead of throwing away half the product. When she's sure to have taken the most advantage of it, the celebrity rinses her face and goes to the next step.

She then uses Christie Kidd’s ‘Clean’ cleanser and applies it thoroughly on her face with quick circular movements. You won't catch Kendall Jenner missing her sunlight protection! For this purpose, she's chosen a mixture of the Elta MD Clear SPF and a couple of drops of SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic serum.

Find out which products Kendall Jenner uses on her face // Photo: Instagram

Kendall Jenner finishes up her skincare routine with some of her favorite beauty products. Firstly, there's Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with Aloe, cucumber, and Green Tea. Then, she'll grab her beloved exfoliating makeup wipes to scrub her lips and get rid of dead cells. Lastly, a layer of La Mer’s Crème de la Mer moisturizer cannot be missing.

The supermodel follows her skincare routine with her 15-minutes makeup routine. Before doing anything else, she applies some Kylie Skin lip mask on her lips and leaves it to act while she continues to the rest of her face.

“This is what I would do if I was going out for dinner or doing something a little more than just running out the house really fast. But still pretty natural! I love a natural look.”

Celebrity Kendall Jenner uses a foundation with a beauty blender and concealer. For the next step, she uses a creamy bronzer first, which she blends with a brush, and a cream blush next -the supermodel has made it clear that she loves a dewy look and so prefers cream-based products. She finishes the look with a setting powder.

Kendall Jenner pays extra attention to her lips on her makeup routine // Photo: Instagram

To top her makeup look, Kendall Jenner grabs her Kevyn Aucoin’s brown eye pencil and draws along her lash line. The lips are key: a duo of Kylie Cosmetics lacquers layered on top of two slightly overdrawn liners. To make her lips look bigger, she applies gloss as the final step in her routine.

"I feel like I’m incomplete without a lip now,” the model jokes. “I never used to wear lipstick and now I can’t leave the house without it.”

Done and ready to go!

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