How to safely treat facial redness How to safely treat facial redness

How to safely treat facial redness

Why is your face red all the time? Consistent redness can be annoying and even painful. This is how to safely treat it.

Stress, alcohol, product sensitivity, spice foods, temperature, and exercise can cause facial redness. It is necessary to identify those triggers to start avoiding the problem. 

How to treat redness

 How to safely treat facial redness

Incorporate calming products into your skincare routine. Aloe vera or licorice root can balance your skin pH and they also have anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce redness on your skin. Chamomile is also a good option when it comes to reducing irritation. Needless to say, avoid harsh ingredients and exfoliators that can trigger redness on your skin.

It is important to eat your 10-a-day and avoid foods that cause inflammation, this will help your skin stay bright and clear. 

If redness is concentrated around the cheeks and nose, it can be due to broken capillaries, and you have to consult an expert. 

The bottom line

Avoid those triggers that can cause your facial redness, and if it persists, make sure to contact a dermatologist, as it might be a skin condition like rosacea. 

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