How to fix your makeup if you overapplied it

How to fix your makeup if you overapplied it

We've all been there, the light is dim, we got carried away with the brush and we end up looking like a clown and, to make matters worse, you are late. Don't fret! Here are some tips to fix your makeup if you overapplied it. 

How to fix your makeup if you overapplied it

There is a fine line between full coverage and reckless application and if you've ever overdone it, you know what I mean.  Applying too much product will only make your complexion look heavy, patchy and cakey. 

This is what you should do when you go overboard with the foundation or concealer

Facial oil

If you accidentally apply too much product, use a few drops of facial oil, warm it up on your fingernails and press it against your skin, this will lift some of the product. 

Patting facial oil will help break up some of the product because most foundations are oil-based and it will also add a bit of sheen to make your complexion a bit less cakey. 

Beauty sponge

Take a beauty sponge and bounce it onto all the areas you think you've overdone it to soak up extra product and soften harsh lines. 

Setting powder

Finish by applying some translucent setting powder to mattify the t-zone and other oily areas. And, voliá! You're good to go!

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