How to avoid hair breakage How to avoid hair breakage

How to avoid hair breakage

If you notice you are shedding more hair than you would like to, this is what you should do to avoid hair breakage. 

How to avoid hair breakage

Head breakage can be quite annoying. Apart from the fact that a healthy mane is something that we all love, shedding hair everywhere is not nice. 

How to know if you are experiencing hair breakage

Chemically treated hair, either by the use of relaxers, breaching products or styling your hair with heat every day, can make your hair more prone to breakage.

If you have some broken strands, split ends, if you notice a tiny little white blub at the end of your hair or you notice your hair too dry, it is very likely that you are dealing with hair breakage. 

Hair that is usually frizzier than normal is also damaged hair. Curly hair is more likely to break because the oil produced in the scalp is not able to travel women the shaft. 

How to avoid hair breakage

Hydrate your hair regularly.

It should only be obvious to say, that natural hair is the best option. Try not to treat your hair with chemicals and avoid over-styling it.  Make sure to use regular hair masks, cold water and do not wash your hair every day. Silk pillows are great because they don't create any friction and prevent hair damage. 

If your hair is damaged beyond repair, it is actually better to cut it off -as a general rule, if your ends have started to split, you won't be able to repair them. 

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