Here's a perfect guide to choosing the perfect glasses for your face shape

Here's a perfect guide to choosing the perfect glasses for your face shape

Finding the right frame can be hard sometimes, but here are some pointers!

Trying to get a pair of glasses? Then you have probably wondered "which frame suits me?" and we totally get it. It can be quite challenging to find the perfect frame for you.


However, here are some things you can take into account to make things easier:

Your face shape is important

Depending on your face shape, some frames will look more natural on a face than others. For square faces, for example, that tend to have angular features, round glasses work perfectly because they soften those features. Aviator glasses and cat-eye frames are also very flattering.

If your face is round, naturally, you might want rectangular glasses to add some sharp shapes to your face. Avoid thin rectangular glasses, though, as they might make your face look rounder!

For heart-shaped faces, you might find that basically, any frame looks good on you. Mainly oval and round glasses flatter heart-shaped faces and bring them visually into balance. Delicate frames ensure softer contours and a more harmonious appearance.

Mind the nose bridge!

A very important but usually overlooked part of the glasses is the nose bridge, and this might be a game-changer. If the glasses do not sit properly on the nose, this can lead to unpleasant side effects like pressure points or headaches.

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