Here are the trendiest celebrity beauty brands you should try Here are the trendiest celebrity beauty brands you should try

Here are the trendiest celebrity beauty brands you should try

Stars launching beauty brands here and there, here are the best ones you definitely need to know.

1-Rihanna: Fenty Beauty & Fenty Skin

While the world keeps wishing for a new Rihanna record she’s more than happy with her businesses. Since her launch of Fenty Beauty back in 2017 she’s been doing great in the beauty business. Her brand has come to the scene to make some changes as it provides significantly broader foundation shade ranges than what people had reluctantly become used to. 

Then, she decided to expand her aesthetic empire instead with the launch of Fenty Skin, an inclusive skin-care line that invites anyone and everyone to get glowing like its founder.

2-Jennifer Lopez: JLo Beauty

Everyone was waiting for JLo beauty brand, who wouldn’t die for aging like her? She’s been looking gorgeous since coming to the Hollywood scene."We went over a hundred rounds of product development to get everything right," the singer said in an interview when the brand launched in December 2020.

3- Alicia Keys: Keys soulcare

Its core products are skin-care products, and yes, it's part of the E.L.F. family, but there's just something deeper about what Alicia Keys is offering in her 2020-launched line. Namely, the ritual. "What I've realized is I need to be able to have the space for myself — I need to be able to have a few minutes," the singer and songwriter said. "It doesn't have to be forever, but a few minutes really to really take care of the outer and the inner."

4-Selena Gomez: Rare Beauty

"Beauty doesn't have to be defined by a like or a comment, or your body," Gomez said in an interview. "The whole time we were creating [Rare Beauty], we were always under the notion that this was going to be also about mental health and creating a safe place for people to connect." This candid approach truly made her brand a huge hit since its launching back in 2020.

5-Jessica Alba: Honest Beauty

The brand's mission is "putting people's health and wellness first, thinking of the planet, applying more conscious business practices, and all that we do [in] diversity and inclusion," told Alba in an interview. This has made Honest Beauty a must to include in people’s routine.

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