Colored hair: what you need to know to take care of your mane

Colored hair looks beautiful, but it also requires much more care. Here's a guide that will give you all the information you need to look after it the correct way!

If you have recently decided to renew your look and want to exploit its beauty to the fullest, do not miss this guide to learn how to care for colored hair. Ready to make an impact with your new color?

Over time, the illusion of new hair can be overshadowed by wear and tear in color pigmentation, extreme porosity, or dry hair. That is why the key to getting the most out of dyed hair is in the care we give it after coloring. Do not wait for more! Jump into action with these expert-level tricks and experience your color 100%.

Dry hair is one of the consequences of dying it.
  1.  When we expose our hair to the coloring process we have to bear in mind that it can be dehydrated and weakened. How to fight this? To begin with, using a shampoo that takes care of you is a must. And if it is specific for colored hair, much better. Try sulfate-free washing creams that can protect and make the color more durable. 
  2.  For deeper cleaning, but always taking care of color intensity go for nourishing UV filter products that can protect your hair against external aggressions. You may also use a conditioner to maintain the dyes in the fiber.
Use a sulfate-free shampoo that is specific for colored hair.

3. Dryer and flat iron? No thanks! It is essential not to have these elements on a daily basis, as they will dry your hair even more and affect the duration of the color. If you can't avoid them, always wear a thermal protector before you start using them.

4. At least once or twice a week apply a mask to further extend the duration of color and highlight it. 

Once a week apply a hair mask to further extend the duration of color and highlight it.

5. Keep your hair healthy by trimming the ends once a month, or every two months. Ideally, it is indicated to wait 6 weeks between coloring and coloring. If you prefer not to let so much time pass, you can only touch up the roots so as not to appeal to dying all the hair again.

Incorporate these new habits consistently and prepare to see results in no time. We assure you: you will take all the looks.

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