Get fuller lips with these incredible makeup tips Get fuller lips with these incredible makeup tips

Get fuller lips with these incredible makeup tips

Do you want fuller lips without undergoing any treatment? Makeup is here to help!

Although there’s no issue with getting lip filler, there are many that won’t do it. For those, there is a solution. Keep on reading to find out the 4 tips of the makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes for fuller, looks-like-filler lips.

1- Buffing the outline.

To create the perfect canvas for lipstick application, start by buffing the outline of your lips with concealer. "Because I'm going to ignore that lip line today. I'm just dulling [the perimeter] down, I wouldn't do this with a full, opaque concealer. I'm just doing it on the perimeter of the lip so I can really create my own new shape,” explains Hughes.

2- Adding color

"I'm actually going to apply it with the bullet backwards, with that bullet angled up toward my lip, that gives me this amazing amount of visibility on where I'm placing the tip of the lipstick. It's totally okay to overdraw with the tip of the lipstick," Hughes says.

3-Time to line

Contrary to every youtube tutorial you may see online, Hughes suggests starting with the color and afterwards line the lips. So starting with your bottom lip, use your lip pencil of choice to "contour and shade [the] lips to have a fuller kind of look," says Hughes. 

4-Blend it out

Using a small, fluffy brush, blend out the contour lines created in step three to create a more natural effect. Hughes uses a patting motion along the line where the liner and lipstick meet to buff it out a bit, going back in with her lip liner if she over-blends.

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