Forget about those annoying liplines with these tips Forget about those annoying liplines with these tips

Forget about those annoying lip lines with these tips

If you want to minimize your lip lines you need to keep reading.  

1-Moisturizing is a must

Back to basics: keep them moisturized at all times. Good products that could help you with this are Aquaphor, or any other lip-nourishing product that relieves dryness and soothes lips by sealing in moisture.

2-Use a lip-specific retinol

This hero will make a difference in the appearance of lip lines by creating and keeping collagen synthesis. Be careful though, don’t begin applying your prescription retinoids close to the mouth. You need to be careful with irritation, which is why the formula needs to be made for the lip area. Results will not be overnight, but with continued use, it will help in the prevention of lip lines. Not only do lip retinoids reduce lip lines, but they also keep the lips soft and plump-looking and reduce the appearance of minor dark spots. How amazing is that?

3-Keep your lips protected from the sun

UV rays degrade lip collagen that’s why it is very important to protect your lips from the sun. Lips are one of the top areas people often forget to protect, and aside from the obvious dangers of sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles on the lips are more likely to develop earlier than the rest of the face without SPF.

4-Exfoliation is important

One of the keys to keeping lips youthful is exfoliating regularly, every esthetician will tell you that. The iS Clinical Youth Lip Duo is a great option as it contains an exfoliating polish along with a lip serum that is packed with anti-aging ingredients to keep the lips plump and hydrated and also prevents the deep lines that conform around the mouth area. 

The lip treatment should be used on the lips and around the borders to help with the vertical lines as well.

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