Facial yoga: an effective anti-aging remedy

Facial yoga: an effective anti-aging treat

Yoga is an ancient practice with benefits for the body and mind. The practice of yoga has demonstrated health benefits in quality scientific work. Keep reading to learn specifically about the benefits of yoga on the skin.

The muscles of our face are not different from those of any other part of the body. However, we rarely exercise them. To have more beautiful legs, more sculpted arms, or defined abs, we know what we have to do, but couldn't we do the same with our face? Can we also tone it by exercising? The answer is yes, and this is what facial yoga is based on.

Although in traditional yoga there are no specific postures for the face, what facial yoga does is apply many of its principles to train the muscles of the face and thus maintain a more elastic skin, eliminate wrinkles and release stress.

An effective method:

This discipline contradicts everything that most of us have been thinking up to now. And it is that the most normal thing is to believe that making faces or pronounced gestures are causing wrinkles and expression lines. This is one of the reasons why most skeptics have questioned its effectiveness.

However, a recent study from Northwestern University has been able to demonstrate the effectiveness of facial yoga if practiced consistently. In the study, published in the journal JAMA Dermatology and The New York Times, images of the participants were shown to independent dermatologists from both before, intermediate point of the process, and after. They estimated that, after 20 weeks of daily practice, the women appeared, on average, three years younger than in the photos at the beginning of the study.

Benefits of facial yoga:

1. Prevents facial sagging.

2. Smooth out wrinkles.

3. Activates the lymphatic system improving the tone and appearance of the skin.

4. Improves bags and dark circles.

5. Improves double chin and double chin.

6. Activates the blood supply and helps restore the metabolic functions of the skin to regenerate and manufacture new collagen.

7. It helps to identify patterns or gestures that age us and to re-educate our gestures.

8. Calm and positive attitude.

9. Contributes to the energy balance of the entire body. There are more than 200 facial reflexology points on the face.

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