Facial and upper lip hair: this is how to deal with it Facial and upper lip hair: this is how to deal with it

Facial and upper lip hair: this is how to deal with it

Facial hair is absolutely normal, but if you don't feel comfortable with it, here are some useful tips.

Everybody knows that upper lip hair is normal and natural but many don’t feel comfortable with it. So, here's a list of five tips for stopping your upper lip hair from growing. 



There’s this huge big myth that if you shave with a razor the hair will grow thicker and darker, that’s NOT real. Nothing like that will happen."It might feel a bit thicker, but that is only because you cut it in the middle of the hair which is a bit thicker than the tapered tip," explains dermatologist Dr. Robyn Gmyrek. 

Even though there is less risk of getting any ingrown hair since you are not pulling the hair out of the root, it is disadvantageous because the hair will grow back quickly. For best results, Gmyrek recommends using a razor designed specifically for the face, as they tend to have small blades that can easily cater to the contours of the face. 

2-Depilatory Cream

Depilatory creams use chemicals to dissolve hair from the surface of the skin. According to Gmyrek, depilatory creams can be irritating as they have strong odors, and can, in some cases, cause allergic reactions. It’s great because the upper lip hair won’t grow for more than a few days as these products sink deep down to dissolve beyond the surface of the skin.


This method is not only ideal for the eyebrows but also for your upper lip hair. It’s a great way to remove the hair without damaging the skin.


If you start noticing that your upper lip hair is growing extremely fast, it’s adivisable that you go and see your dermatologist to get a prescription for Eflornithine. This cream slows down the hair growth cycle and as time passes by, the hair gets thinner.

5-Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can be performed all over the body, including on the upper lip. It’s one of the best ways to keep your hair from growing. Bear in mind that this laser removal is only effective on darker hair, as the laser specifically targets the pigment of the hair.

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