Enjoy summer without damaging your hair! Enjoy summer without damaging your hair!

Enjoy summer without damaging your hair!

Although we don’t feel any changes in our hair during exposure to the sun, let me tell you it is being damaged by the rays!

First of all, sun rays weaken the structure of the hair, making it drier, brittle, and more prone to breakage. Besides, when going to the beach or just sitting in the backyard to get some tan we usually end up refreshing in the sea or in the pool. Chlorine and salt can even enhance the sun’s effects.



What is more, there are types of hair that are weaker than others. Those that are more processed and damaged are not as strong as those hairs that haven’t been damaged before. Besides, the length of the hair is also important. If it is longer, it is weaker and, therefore, more vulnerable to sun rays.

How to protect your hair from sun damage

1. Get a haircut

If you regularly cut your hair, you will make sure that your hair is in good condition and that there is less risk of split ends.

2. Wear hats or bandanas to cover your hair

It seems pretty obvious, but it works. It will keep your hair away from damaging UV rays. 

3. Condition

While you won’t be able to avoid all sun damage to your hair, regular conditioning will help to bring back the moisture your hair needs to be healthy.

4. Avoid over-styling and brushing

Heat will make the situation worse, so try not to use any tools that expose your hair to further heat or stress.

5. Try not to submerge your hair

Seawater can strip your hair from natural oils, so while you can swim once in a while in the sea, if you do it every day, it is very likely that it will cause further damage. 

The bottom line is: Make sure that when you come back from vacation you trim your hair. This is because split ends tend to tangle easier and break. During your vacation, you can consider using a water-proof UV filter, staying in the shade, or wearing a hat. Finally, when you get back home, you can try applying some hair masks to nourish the strands and tackle the effects of the sun.

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