Dry skin? 3 simple home treatments to hydrate your hands Dry skin? 3 simple home treatments to hydrate your hands

Dry skin? 3 simple home treatments to hydrate your hands

After so much handwashing, you deserve a gift more than ever. With these homemade recipes we are going to help not only counteract the effects of all the antibacterial products you use, but also to have soft hands.

If you are washing your hands a lot, you're sure to suffer from dry skin. These home treatments are going to remove dead cells to delay skin aging. You should resort to a moisturizing hand routine and perform it with a more intensive frequency than usual.

Treat your dry skin from the comfort of your home.

Natural treatments for dry hands

1. Castor oil for dry hands
This exfoliating version helps remove dead skin cells from your hands and reduce dryness.

Castor oil may have humectant properties for your dry hands.

What do you need?

Recipe: Mix castor oil with sugar in a bowl and place the mixture on your hands. Massage with circular movements so that the skin absorbs some of the oil. Leave to act for 15 minutes and rinse.

2. Coffee scrub for your hands
This exfoliating cream removes dead skin cells. Not only will you promote circulation with the massage, but you will be able to eliminate toxins, leaving a much smoother texture.

This raw coffee hand scrub is magnificent!

What do you need?

Recipe: Mix ground coffee, sugar with any moisturizer that you already have. If you don't use coffee or don't have it at home, it can be replaced by flaxseeds. Now you just have to apply the mixture in circular movements throughout your hand and each finger. Massage until the cream is absorbed and only the coffee beans or their replacements remain on the skin. Rinse with warm water.

3. Restoration with salts
This solution of water, salt, and anise allows you to enjoy silky hands. This recipe can also be applied on feet.

Try adding a pinch of high-quality sea salt to your water for a hands spa.

What do you need?

Recipe: Put your hands in a container with warm water, anise, and coarse salt, and let stand for a few minutes. If you have essential oils at home, you can add some to enjoy some aromatherapy whilst at it. Dry and apply a generous amount of olive oil or almond oil on the skin. Lastly, wrap your hands in gloves for one hour for thermal action. Rinse with warm water.

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