DIY Hair spirulina hair mask

DIY Hair spirulina hair mask

Damaged hair? No problem, this 10-minute spirulina hair mask is all you need for a shiny, moisturized mane. 

DIY Hair spirulina hair mask

This is actually a pretty simple DIY for a hair mask, it does not have many ingredients and it can recondition damaged dry hair. 


It is packed with protein and vitamins and the lactic acid can cleanse your scalp.

Made of mostly protein, essential fatty acids and iron, the spirulina promotes hir growth and teats thinning hair. It won't make your hair look green -but if you have light blond hair, you can pass.

Shea butter has a lot of benefits for you hair, it prevents hair loss, and it also soothes dry scalp.

The vitamins and fatty acids in coconut oil will give your make quite a boost.


Blend all the products in a blender and add spirulina powder.

Apply to your skin for at least 20 minutes, rinse, then enjoy your skin!

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