Catherine Zeta-Jones reveals her skincare secrets to look gorgeous at 50

Catherine Zeta-Jones reveals her skincare secrets to look gorgeous at 50

Many films, musicals, and series were starred by Catherine Zeta-Jones and she still looks almost the same. In her 50s she revealed her skincare secrets to looking fantastic. It is known that the skin needs some care and now we have the opportunity to discover the ones that the British actress likes the most (and that definitely works!)

There are many skin secrets to prevent the evidence of the passage of time. Here are the ones that Catherine Zeta-Jones chose someday with the help of experts and that she’s revealed recently.

She’s a sunscreen fan

Some followers asked the actress what were her essentials when going on vacations. Her answer was that sunscreen was a must to protect the skin. However, she also confessed that she loves getting some tan, but she stills using it. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones reveals her skincare secrets 

Hydration, the key

The actress explained that she uses the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and that she loves using oils. Besides, she has hers and mixes them. “I work a lot with essential oils”, said. 


She pays special attention to exfoliation. She does it to counteract the greasiness of the oils every day. “With a very mild exfoliating cream or a gel just to buff off those dead skin cells and then lather up with some great oils”. However, doing it every day is not compulsory, you can do it sometimes in a week and will be ok. 

Catherine Zeta Jones reveals her skincare secrets

She does not pick her face!

She also revealed that the best advice of her dermatologist was not to pick the face. In this way, the skin can easily break, facilitating irritation and infections. 

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