Cardi B Hair removal tips: All you need to know Depilatory Cream

If you are thinking about removing your hair with depilatory cream, there are some aspects you have to consider (plus Cardi B's fab drugstore brand)

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Hair removal techniques can be painful and costly, but depilatory cream could be a great alternative. Though I’d like to state first that there is nothing wrong with hair, we are mammals and we do have hair and it’s completely normal. Hair removal should be a matter of preference, you should only do it if you want to.

How does it work?

Depilatory creams chemically dissolve hair at the skin's surface - they break down the keratin structure until the hair is weak enough to be broken off when you wipe the cream.

It is painless and they could be used to remove hair in almost all areas of your body -even your face and bikini area.


Make sure you do a patch test to see how your skin reacts to it, as it could cause contact dermatitis that can be itchy.

Cardi B Hair removal tips: All you need to know Depilatory Cream

Cardi B shared a store on Instagram using  Veet Legs & Body 3 in 1 Gel Cream Hair Remover which is an inexpensive option at just $8.

Make sure you use SPF because it is highly important to protect your skin from the sun if you want to avoid hyperpigmentation after exposing your skin to depilatory creams.

Always ask a dermatologist before undergoing the treatment, especially if you have sensitive skin.

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