Bobbi Brown has shared some beauty tips you can’t miss! Bobbi Brown has shared some beauty tips you can’t miss!

Bobbi Brown has shared some beauty tips you can’t miss!

Read on to find out her latest tips!

With more than 40 years of experience in the beauty industry, Bobbi Brown surely knows the ropes to her business. After launching her own supplement brand –evolution_18–, she has also become a wellness referent. Here is some advice from Bobbi:



No-makeup look

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Always remember to prep your skin –hydration is paramount for a seamless application. 
The secret to a flawless face starts with hydration," she explains. "If you drink enough water and use a good moisturizer, you won't need as much coverage."

Don’t apply more foundation than you need

Bobbie Brown says that "most people think they should apply foundation everywhere. I think heavy foundation is aging," and her advice is: "Instead, focus on spot-correcting redness around the nose, under-eye circles and any other blemishes to create a more natural, even skin tone."

And use some bronzer to even out the tone of your neck

Since your neck is usually lighter than the rest of your face, apply bronzer to give the area a subtle tint," Bobbi says. "Use a brush to sweep bronzer up and down until you've blended it into the skin evenly."
Use a balm to give your face a healthy glow, you can also apply it to your eyelids, then add some mascara and –voilà the No-makeup look!

How to stay healthy

You have to work out

Bobbi says that doing exercise is “maintenance.” And during the lockdown she has done a lot of working out at home:

"I really do like exercising from home. There are times when my nephew, my son's fiancé, and my son were all doing yoga in the TV room," she says.

Eat healthily and make it your routine

About detox diets, she has said:

“I would lose weight on each of those things and think that was the secret. Then I would feel awful. Finally, one day I realized, 'Okay, it's not about on and off something. It's about the things you do every day in your lifestyle that make a difference”

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