Are you taking good care of your hair? Are you taking good care of your hair?

Are you taking good care of your hair?

Shampoo and conditioner are just one part of it.

5 things your hair will be grateful for:

1. Brush your hair well

It is always a good option to brush your hair when it is dry, and even more important if you have long hair so you can prevent strands from breaking easily. You can also do it before going to bed at the night to stimulate blood circulation. Choose a good brush, one that won't break your hair. Detangling brushes are great, as are those with natural bristles. 

2. Know what type of hair you have

This is essential if you want to choose the correct products. Besides, choosing the right formulas for your type of hair will help it to receive all the nutrients it needs. Determine if your hair is low, medium, or high porosity, the products you'll need may vary a lot. Use protein-infused treatments for high porosity hair, and if the damage comes from your hair being naturally dry you can try moisturizing products with glycerin or aloe vera. 

3. Cut the tips regularly

Although many times you may want to have long hair, trimming the tips is a must to keep your hair in tip-top condition. Split ends are no one's friend and they are impossible to fully repair, so we are better off without them!

4. If possible, don't skimp on product quality

It is always best to bet on quality. Choose to have fewer but higher-quality products. You can also make your own serums and hair masks!

5. Give your scalp a massage

You can do it at any time. This will contribute to blood circulation, which will stimulate hair follicles and it also helps to relieve stress. You can also do it using oils, such as argan or olive oil, and massage with your fingers or your hairbrush. 

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