Are you making these mascara mistakes? Are you making these mascara mistakes?

Are you making these mascara mistakes?

Your eyelashes are important for your look, but some common mistakes might be ruining it!

Eyelashes have become our obsession since 2020, we use serums to make them grow better, we have flirted with extensions and we are always looking for the best mascara. But it’s useless to find the best mascara in the world if we make certain mistakes when applying it. These are the best tips from makeup artists to get a killer look!



Return the excess product to the container

Something we do frequently when opening the mascara is to remove the product from the tip because we consider it an excellent, right? Well, it's a mistake.

When you wring the mask brush at the tip, the product will accumulate almost at the exit point, making a plug that does not allow the brush to slide.

So, how can we take advantage of the product that is left in the tip?

The best way to take advantage of it is to place the brush vertically and apply it on the lower lashes as if it were eyeliner. Then we pass the brush as usual: horizontally making "zig-zag".

Putting in and taking out the brush repeatedly

Another mistake we often make, especially when we're low on mascara, is pumping the brush into the bottle, hoping to salvage some of the products. What we did not know, until now, is that this action causes more air to enter the container and the product to dry out. So you know, never again.

Applying too much product

In our quest for infinite lashes, I tend to use too much product and that makes our lashes look like beginners. Professionals recommend using the mask in several layers, building that maximalist effect step by step. And here is the secret, when finished use a clean brush to remove lumps and separate the lashes. Ready for the wink?

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