Are pore strips good for your skin?

Are pore strips good for your skin?

I've always loved pore strips, taking them out its satisfying, but I've never really seen much of a difference, have I been doing something wrong? 

Are pore strips good for your skin?

I remember in my teen when the first nose trips came to the market. I thought they were the best! They seemed effective, if you are strong enough, just google it and you'll see. But are the results lasting? And better yet, are pore strips good for your skin?

 The rationale behind pore strips

In theory, the idea is that pore strips cling to the sebum of your pores and strip the material that it's adhered to it, AKA, comedones or blackheads

Dermatologists say it's not a long-term solution, while it is true that they remove keratin buildup in pores momentarily, pores will fill right up again because the underlying problem is that the pores are enlarged and the oil glands are overactive

Could pore strips be bad for your skin?

If you are sensitive to the adhesive used in nose strips, it is very likely that you experience irritation. If they also contain alcohol or other irritating ingredients, and pores don't become smaller with a pore strip, they could actually hurt your skin and make your pores bigger. 

The bottom line

Pore strips are fun and they could work if you need a quick fix for your clogged pores, but for more long-lasting effects, there are other methods that work better. Check these ideas!

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