7 Reasons why you may have dark circles under your eyes

7 Reasons why you may have dark circles under your eyes

Dark circles are perfectly normal and you don't have to do anything about them if you don't want to. But if your look makes you look more tired than you really are, you can definitely make them less apparent if you know the underlying cause. 

7 Reasons why you may have dark circles under your eyes

There is not a magic recipe to get rid of all dark circles, because there are several factors that might be contributing to their development. 

7 Reasons why you may have dark circles under your eyes

1. Age

The number one reason why dark circles become apparent is the loss of volume in the area. Underneath the eye, there is an area of suborbicularis oculi fat, which acts as a pillow that creates volume. As we age, the area loses collagen and elastin, and this leads to the creation of a shadow. You can use dermal fillers to make them less apparent.

2. Dehydration

Loss of volume can also appear when we are dehydrated. When we lose water, our body issues begin to sink, causing the creation of a shadow and making the capillaries more prominent. 

3. Lack of sleep

This is perhaps the most known cause of dark circles and, to solve it, well, you have to have a regular sleep schedule.

4. You are short-sighted 

When you struggle to see, you strain your eyes and it can make your blood vessels enlarge under your skin, causing dark circles. Avoid straining your eyes and try getting your eye prescription checked.

5. Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis or irritated eyelids can cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. To combat it, address the cause of dermatitis. 

6. Seasonal Allergies

Inflammation from allergic conjunctivitis, together with the friction caused by rubbing the itchy area can break blood vessels and bruise the area. So, addressing the allergy is the way to go.

7. Other medical conditions

Anemia, poor nutrition, vitamin deficiencies, and hypothyroidism can cause dark circles under your eyes, it's a good idea to consult a doctor if the symptom persists. 

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