5 Tips for the perfect Korean makeup look 5 Tips for the perfect Korean makeup look

5 Tips for the perfect Korean makeup look

K-beauty is all about the glow and healthy skin, pair it up with the right look, and apply your makeup like a k-pop star! 

Korean beauty trends are at the forefront of the industry, we love the culture, the fashion, and k-pop and we have all learned from their skincare routines, follow these tips to get the perfect k-makeup look!

5 Tips for the perfect Korean makeup look

 5 Tips for the perfect Korean makeup look

1. Prep your skin

If you want your makeup to glide on your skin, and for it to last all day, it is important to prep your skin. It is important to cleanse, tone, hydrate, and apply SPF.

2. Go for a cushion foundation

Cushion formulas are bouncy, silly, and have the perfect mousse-like texture to control the amount of product you apply. Just dab it gently around our face and profit from the extra massage. You can also use a CC or BB cream instead, they'll offer some coverage without it being too heavy on your skin.

 Go for fruity pigments. 

3. Use fruity pigments

When choosing blush and lipstick, try going for water tints and apply only where you would blush. It is also a good idea to apply some concealer around your lip lines to create the illusion of a gradient.

4. Straighter brows

Fill in your brown in a straight-like fashion, this will make you look younger. 

5. Laugung eyebags

Use some blush to create under-eye bags, this will make you look as if you were effortlessly laughing. 

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