4 Tips to apply blush the 2022 way 4 Tips to apply blush the 2022 way

4 Tips to apply blush the 2022 way

Blush has become a makeup staple, it brings youth, suppleness and glow to your skin, it is quite easy, however, to go overboard and end up looking like a clown. These 4 tips will help you achieve the perfect 2022 makeup look!

4 Tips to apply blush the 2022 way 

 If you are an 80's girl like me, you might have been doing without blushing for a while. I think the fear was to end up looking like my mom, so I used to stick to contouring and bronzer and completely neglect blush. But blush has made a major comeback and it seems like it is here to stay, so we better get our brushes ready because it is time to give our cheeks a bit of color again!

4 Tips to apply blush the 2022 way

1. Prep your skin

As usual, no makeup will look good on an oily, dry or patchy canvas. So make sure to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize your skin well before applying any kind of makeup. After you've done so, apply you SPF and your skin will be ready to let the blush glide gently onto your skin. 

2. Choose your shades carefully

Your skin tone will be determinant in choosing the right shade. If you are not sure what color suits you better, here's how to complement your skin tone with blush. As a rule of thumb, the darker the color, the more dimension you'll create, try not to choose two or three shades darker than your natural flushed tone. Baby pink or peachy pink makes your complexion brighter if your skin is warmer, and if it is colder, it will look more muted. 

3. Blend

One of my favorite formulas is a cream blush. It seems to melt into my skin and I find it does not bring up skin texture and pores, especially because of my combination skin. If you are on the oily side of the spectrum, maybe using powder formulas is a better idea to control the excess sebum. Apply blush only to the areas that you naturally blush, this will create a more natural flush. Apply some concealer around the sides of your nose and blend it well, this will create an airbrushed effect.

One of my favorite formulas is a cream blush 

4. Set it

This tip applies to all blush formulas, but it is especially important if you are using a cream blush. It will set all your hard work and make it last for longer. Use a hydrating formula to add some extra shine and brightness. 

The takeaway

The key is in the placement. Always try to place your blush where you would naturally flush, overdoing it can make you look as if you've just run a marathon and it will not make your complexion any justice. 

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