5 Causes of chest acne and how to treat it

3 Causes of chest acne and how to treat it

Have you ever had chest acne? Well, the causes might be more common than you think and the treatment needn't be so complicated. 

While excess oil and bacteria breed all over your body, your chest could harbor undesired pimples as well. 

3 Causes of chest acne and how to treat it  

3 Causes of chest acne and how to treat it

1. Sweating

Yes, sweating can lead to your chest breaking out. The friction of your clothes, the humidity, and the bacteria on your skin can be the perfect ground for acne to form. So if you have sweat, have a shower and change to clean clothes as soon as you get home and you will prevent pimples. 

2. Certain fabrics

Synthetic fibers or fibers that don't allow your skin to breathe and let the set evaporate also create some friction that can irritate your skin, a condition called acne mechanical. Some detergents can also trigger allergic reactions that are very similar to acne. To avoid this, try using natural fibers such as cotton and silk.

3. Makeup and fragrances

Perfumes and deodorants can also cause your skin to irritate and break out, and when you apply makeup to your chest area, make sure to cleanse it as well, remember just as your skin does not end in your chin when moisturizing, when cleansing the same rule applies. 

wIf because of your genetics, or due to hormonal changes you are usually prone to acne, try to use fragrance-free products designed for sensitive skin, and that includes detergents, moisturizers, body scrubs and makeup.

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