3 Benefits to using wide-tooth combs in your hair routine

3 Benefits to using wide-tooth combs in your hair routine

We already know that choosing the right products for your hair, conditioning, and applying hair masks, but did you know there are benefits to using combs?

I have to admit that I’m sometimes tempted not to detangle my hair –at least I used to–, until I started using wide-tooth combs and I’ll tell you these 3 benefits to using wide-tooth combs!

It really matters to have the right comb, it can prevent your hair from breaking and I’ll help you avoid applying unnecessary pressure.

1. It prevents breakage and split ends

1. It prevents breakage and split ends

A wide-tooth comb makes your mane less prone to breakage. They make it easy to detangle your hair without pulling your hair. Unlike normal combs, the space between the teeth of the comb allows you to section chunks of your hair, causing less friction.

2. They are gentle on the scalp

As a consequence of reducing friction and the pulling of your hair, it will promote hair growth, on top of that the wide teeth help exfoliate the scalp and stimulate blood circulation.

3. It makes combing your hair easier

Wide-teeth combs promote hair growth.

Compared to regular brushes, combs with wide teeth cause no friction and it makes it easier to glide through the hair.

How to use it

To achieve better results part your hair in sections, start detangling the ends of your hair and then work your way up, massage your scalp once the strand is detangled. I prefer doing this while my hair is wet, as I have curly hair, but if you want to do it while dry, I recommend using some oils to make the job easier.

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