2 Step cruelty-free DIY clear lip gloss

2 Step cruelty-free DIY clear lip gloss

Clear lip gloss is super trendy again. I still remember my high school years when I carried it everywhere! Well, I'm very glad to hear it's back! Here's how to DIY your cruelty-free clear lip gloss.

If you are in your thirties I'm pretty sure you used to carry around the Maybelline clear lip gloss in your bag, and I truly missed those days. Lips looked simple, supple and you needn't have to worry about your lipstick smudging. Luckily they have come back! And here is who to DIY a cruelty-free clear lip gloss!

Paris Hilton: The 90's clear lip gloss trend is back!

So if like me you want to unleash your 90's nostalgia, here is how to:



Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and pour them into your container! It's as simple as that. If you want to add some color to it, you can scrape a bit of your favorite eyeshadow and stir it in!


Castor oil's fatty acids are natural humectants

Castor oil's fatty acids are natural humectants, which will moisturize your lips by preventing water loss -the same as glycerin. The combination is perfect to avoid dryness and soothe skin inflammation. In addition, it is safe for children and adults alike. 

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