Learn how to make recycled candles

Lead a zero waste life: Learn how to make recycled candles

The candles are rarely fully used. We never use them whole for aesthetic reasons. So, after a dozen romantic dinners, we build up a stock of half-used candles. Learn how to recycle your candle leftovers and do the environment a favour with these tips!

Here's a new idea for a new DIY: you can give a second life to candles you no longer use by melting them down and remaking them. Not only will you be saving money and easily renewing your decorative candles, but you will be contributing to the environment as well. 

In this article, we suggest that you save your old candles and when you have enough of them, put them to use.

You can give your candles a second life

It's as simple as re-melting this accumulated wax into a new shape. But how?

1. Melt

First of all, cut off any leftover candles and remove the wick. Then melt them in a saucepan over low heat until the wax melts completely. There are two important things to consider:

Once you have the wax melted, let's see how to give it a second life.

Give your old candles a new life

2. Gather your materials

What do you need?

With these three materials, you will be able to make a new candle with the shape you choose. The mold plays a fundamental role in this. Depending on which mold you buy, your candle will have one shape or another.


Depending on the color of the candles you have melted, the final result will be one or the other. You can change it slightly by adding a few drops of liquid dye. Please note that if you are using colored candles, the result will be different. 


The same goes for the scent. You can add a few drops of essential oil, but if the old candles were already fragranced, the result will change.

Zero waste DIY: candles

3. Reshape

Once we know the materials we need, let's see how to recycle candles step by step.

To recycle candles, just pour the melted wax into the mold you have chosen. You have to let the wax solidify, but don't let it get completely cold. 

Remove the candle and place the wick with the help of the rod. Make a hole with the rod from the top to the bottom and place the wick in the hole.

Enjoy your homemade candle

Now that you know how to recycle old candles, be prepared to have a multicolor one, that you've made yourself!

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